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MK Orthopaedics can help you get active again. Our physicians specialize in treating hip, shoulder, spine, foot & ankle injuries or conditions. Call 815 207 8280 today!
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Why You Should Choose Us for Your Orthopaedic Surgery

If you need orthopaedic surgery, find out why patients across the Joliet area trust MK Orthopaedics for their care for yourself by making an appointment. Our entire team has one goal: to provide you with the best possible care and help you live a life free of back, neck, hip, and ankle pain.

From your first appointment at MK Orthopaedics, you’ll notice how committed our doctors are to answer all of your questions and spend as much with you as necessary to help you feel comfortable about your procedure. No question is too small for our staff to answer. During your surgery, we use the very latest advances in orthopaedic care so you’ll have the safest and most effective procedure possible.

If you are living with orthopaedic pain, get on the road to recovery by making an appointment at MK Orthopaedics. From hip replacement surgery to surgery for a herniated disc, we’re here to help. Call (815) 741-6900 for more information.


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