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Stop Ankle Pain with Arthroscopy

Ankle pain can cause serious disruption to your life, interfering with your everyday activities and making even simply walking painful. Fortunately, your orthopaedic surgeon can get you back to your usual routine with an ankle arthroscopy procedure. After your recovery, you will be able to resume your normal activities without the discomfort and instability that comes with ankle pain.

Ankle arthroscopy involves the use of thin, specialized tools to remove damaged tissue and make repairs to ankle joints. The thin tools and targeted approach minimizes the damage to healthy tissue, making the recovery easier than other forms of ankle surgery. Most patients who undergo ankle arthroscopy experience complete relief of their ankle pain.

Could ankle arthroscopy be the right treatment for you? If you’re living with ankle pain, make an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon in Joliet at MK Orthopaedic to find out which treatments may help you find relief. To schedule a consultation, please call (815) 741-6900.


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