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Physical Therapy Diagnosis: Rotator Cuff Strength

If you need physical therapy for your rotator cuff, then you are most likely going to be doing external shoulder rotations. Your orthopaedic surgeon will have you lie on your side (the left side to work the right shoulder and vice versa), and will then ask you to lift around one pound weight up and down. As long as you keep your elbow at a 90° angle, then all of the effort will be coming from your shoulder.

Watch this video to see the process in motion and call MK Orthopaedics at (815) 741-6900 for any orthopaedic issues you might be having.

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If you have been injured and are in need of orthopaedic care in Joliet or another of Chicago’s southwestern neighbors, then consult the experienced orthopaedic surgeons at MK Orthopaedics. We perform a wide range of orthopaedic surgeries, including hip and knee replacements, and our doctors work closely with patients to develop highly personalized physical therapy treatment programs. Call (815) 741-6900 to book an appointment today!

Signs You May Need a Hip Replacement

Hip pain can make even the smallest tasks seem difficult. Although you should always consult an orthopaedic surgeon about your options, the following may be signs that you need a hip replacement:

  • Extreme Hip Pain

Excessive pain in the hip can signify that you need orthopaedic replacement surgery. If pain in your hip is keeping you from walking or doing other exercises or if you have trouble standing and climbing stairs, then it could mean that the cartilage is too damaged to function properly. Hip replacement surgery is one orthopaedic option that addresses the effects of missing or damaged cartilage. When the pain starts to affect your daily life, it is time to get help.

  • Failure of Other Treatment Options

You should consult your orthopaedic doctor if you have tried other remedies for the pain, but have had no success. If you have tried to take medications that specifically target joint pain and they haven’t worked, then you will have to see a doctor to find a way to stop the pain, which will most likely be surgery.

  • Loss of Sleep

Your pain should not keep you from getting a decent night’s sleep, and if it is, then you should make an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon to discuss treatment options. As long as you are in good health overall, weigh less than 300 lbs, and are less than 95 years old, most surgeons will agree to perform a hip replacement if they decide that you need one.

MK Orthopaedics can help you determine whether or not you need to have your hip replaced. We can also talk to you about knee replacement surgery and other orthopaedic conditions. For more information about our services, visit our website. Call us at (815) 741-6900 to make an appointment.

5 Facts About Chronic Pain

More than one hundred million Americans face debilitating chronic pain, whether in the head, joints, back, or another part of the body. Talk to your orthopaedic doctor if you are looking for relief and think your pain might be chronic.


Chronic pain is defined as pain that persists for six months or longer. Some people experience chronic pain that comes and goes, while others suffer constantly. Chronic pain does not have to be excruciating, but it can still take a toll on a person even if it is mild.


116 million Americans suffer with chronic pain, while 23.6 million suffer from diabetes, 26.3 million have experienced heart attacks or strokes, and 11.7 million have cancer. These statistics show that chronic pain affects more people than the rest of the conditions combined. In part, this is because chronic pain can be associated with these other ailments. Either way, the number of people who suffer from chronic pain is telling of the importance to find long-term solutions.

Loss of Sleep

About 42 million people in America say that they often can’t sleep because of their pain. Without a proper night’s sleep, the pain can feel even worse in the morning. Moreover, loss of sleep affects one’s quality of life.

Back Pain

Almost 30% of those with chronic pain feel it in their lower back. Low back pain is the most common disability in Americans who are 45 years of age and younger. Talk to an orthopaedic surgeon if you have back pain, especially if it is chronic.

Missed Work

On average, chronic pain causes Americans to lose about 4.6 hours of work per week, which can significantly cut into a paycheck and productivity. All of these wasted hours add up to $61.2 billion of lost earnings a year.

If you are struggling with chronic pain, then MK Orthopaedics can help. Visit our website to learn more about chronic pain and it’s symptoms. Call (815) 741-6900 today for an appointment or to learn more about hip and knee replacements.

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