• What Do You Know About Rotator Cuff Surgery?

    Athletes, especially pitchers receive rotator cuff surgery frequently, but what do you know  about the surgery?

    The rotator cuff is actually a series of tendons and muscles that stabilize the shoulder joint and allow you to rotate and move your arm!

    What does surgery usually involve?

    • Removing loose fragments of tendon, bursa, and other debris from the space in the shoulder where the rotator cuff moves
    • Making more room for the rotator cuff tendon so it is not pinched or irritated. If necessary, this includes shaving bone or removing bone spurs from the point of the shoulder blade
    • Sewing the torn edges of the supraspinatus tendon together and to the top of the upper arm bone

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  • Knee Replacement Surgery

    What do you know about knee replacement surgery? Here is a picture with x-rays explaining how knee replacement surgery works. Look over the pictures and feel free to call us with any questions you might have. 

    knee replacement surgery

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  • What Does Your Hip Look Like?

    Have you ever wondered what your hip looks like? Here is an informational picture explaining the anatomy of your hip. If you have any questions make sure to call us!

    Hip Anatomy

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  • The Most Common Causes of ACL Tears and Tips for Avoiding Them

    If you have ever suffered from a knee injury, then you know how painful and traumatizing they can be. Most knee injuries are sports-related, especially an ACL tear, which is a tear of a major ligament that is crucial for proper movement in the knee.


    ACL tears occur when a traumatic force is applied to the knee in a twisting motion. They are common injuries in activities such as:

    • Straight-knee landing . This happens most frequently in sports that involve jumping, such as basketball and volleyball.
    • Planting and cutting . Many football and baseball players suffer from an ACL tear that resulted from twisting the knee when making a quick cut.
    • Pivoting and decelerating . When you are running and make a quick stop and turn, this can cause an unnatural rotation of the knee and tear the ACL. This is especially common in soccer and football.
    • Hyperextension . When the knee is straightened more than 10 degrees beyond its’ normally straightened position, the ACL is extremely vulnerable to tearing.

    Avoiding an ACL Tear

    Athletes can take several precautions that will lessen their chances of tearing their ACL, such as balance exercises and plyometrics. Performing training drills that improve balance and strength will help train your muscles to avoid twisting the knee in ways that can cause damage. Plyometric exercises improve neuromuscular conditioning and muscular reactions, which help decrease the risk of injuring your ACL. So if you are an athlete, then look for drills that will improve your balance and muscle strength to decrease your chances of ending up with a very painful and brutal knee injury.

    If you have suffered from an ACL injury and are now looking for treatment or surgery, then visit an orthopedic doctor. Orthopedic doctors specialize in treating the problems in the musculoskeletal system, which includes joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves, and bones.

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