Why You Should Always Follow Your Recovery Plan After Orthopaedic Surgery

Physical Therapy

For many patients struggling with joint pain or injury, orthopaedic surgery can be an excellent way to restore mobility and alleviate painful symptoms. The surgery alone, however, is not the only part of the healing process. Postoperative exercises and other guidelines of the recovery plan recommended by your orthopaedic surgeon are just as important to the restoration of your mobility and activity as the surgery itself. Below are listed some of the main reasons why you should always follow your post surgical recovery plan.

  • Prevent post surgical complications: After an orthopaedic surgery, you will slowly begin postoperative exercises that work to increase circulation in your legs, feet, arms, and hands. Promoting healthy circulation can help you to prevent the development of blood clots and other post surgical complications.
  • Improve long-term mobility:  Postoperative exercises and other aspects of the recovery plan are also vital for improving the joint’s movement and restoring strength to your muscles. If followed correctly, your recovery plan will help you achieve optimal functionality of your injured joint after your surgery is completed.
  • Speed recovery: Following your surgeon’s advice will help you get back to your daily routine faster. Not only will your recovery time be decreased, but your mobility, muscle strength, and sense of wellness will also be greater than if you were to ignore your post surgical instructions or recovery plan. You will likely have several follow-up appointments scheduled after surgery, and it’s the patient’s responsibility to attend these appointments. Also, if you are in pain or have a question that cannot wait until your scheduled appointment, don’t hesitate to call your orthopaedic surgeon’s office.

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