• Common Sports-Related Injuries That an Orthopaedic Surgeon Should Address

    Football Injury

    Unfortunately, the vast benefits of athletic activity can be marred by the risk of injury. Sports injuries should be treated differently than other injuries due to the repetitive or traumatic nature of many athletic activities. Sometimes, rest and compression are sufficient to treat a sports injury, but many sports injuries require the involvement of an orthopaedic surgeon .

    Some common sports injuries that can benefit from being treated by an orthopaedic surgeon include:

    • Torn rotator cuff: The rotator cuff comprises four muscles in the shoulder that keep the arm securely in the shoulder socket. When one of these muscles tears, it is referred to as a torn rotator cuff. While this injury is most commonly associated with baseball, it can also occur in weightlifters, tennis players, and rowers. Your orthopaedic surgeon can reattach any detached muscles, restoring strength to the joint.
    • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury: The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) provides stability to the knee, bracing it against unnatural movements. ACL injuries are usually associated with sports like basketball, football, and soccer. If the ACL is partially or completely torn, it may need to be replaced, necessitating the skills of an orthopaedic surgeon.
    • Torn meniscus: The meniscus is the cartilage that cushions your knee joints. Sudden movements, especially twisting or squatting, during athletic activity can cause the meniscus to tear. This can often happen concurrently with other injuries, including ACL injury. If the tear is severe enough, pieces of the meniscus may need to be removed surgically. The meniscus can also be repaired arthroscopically.

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  • MK Orthopaedics Can Help You!

    Physical Therapy

    Did you enjoy reading about the health topics discussed in our recent blogs? You can learn more about preventing injuries and recovering from surgery by visiting the websites below or contacting MK Orthopaedics at (815) 741-6900.

    • Do you suffer from frequent ankle sprains ? Read this article from FamilyDoctor.org for some tips for preventing these painful injuries.
    • Wrist injuries can be painful and inconvenient for athletes and non-athletes alike. Learn how to avoid these injuries by checking out this article on Livestrong.com.
    • Bursitis is an inflammation of the joint bursae and is often caused by frequent, repetitive motion. Visit the Mayo Clinic’s website to find out more about the causes, treatment options, and symptoms of bursitis .
    • Tendonitis , like bursitis, can often be caused by repetitive overuse. WebMD.com provides more information about tendonitis and how it can be avoided.
    • Early postoperative exercises help patients improve muscle strength and promote circulation after surgery. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons lists some of the exercises commonly performed after hip replacement surgery.

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  • Tips to Help Athletes Avoid Ankle and Wrist Injuries

    Twisted ankle

    Injuries of the ankles and wrists are very common among athletes, especially in runners and tennis players. All athletes, however, know the frustration of orthopaedic injury and the inconvenience it can cause. Every time you work out, remember some of these tips for preventing injuries in your ankles and wrists.

    • Warm up: Doing a few light stretches before beginning your workout can really help you improve flexibility and avoid joint damage during a workout. Doing a light, easy jog can also be a great way to ready your muscles, ligaments, and tendons for rigorous exercise.
    • Stay strong: Joint damage can occur when the muscles are strained beyond their capacity, causing the impact and stress to be deferred to the joints. Protect your ankles and wrists by progressively training your muscles and avoid pushing yourself beyond your limits.
    • Be careful: Taking regular breaks will help to relieve the stress on your muscles and joints caused by regular physical activity. Knowing when to stop and taking a break can help you to avoid many painful overuse injuries, including tendonitis and bursitis . Stretching during your breaks can also help to improve circulation and prevent injury.
    • Wear protective gear: For athletes who have problems with re-injury, protective braces can be extremely helpful in keeping the ankle or wrist stable during workouts. Many types of ankle and wrist braces exist; consult your orthopaedic doctor to learn more about which type of stabilizer is right for your injury. 

    If you are looking for more information regarding the prevention and treatment of joint injury, contact the orthopaedic surgeons in Joliet  at MK Orthopaedics by calling (815) 741-6900. Our physicians are dedicated to providing patients of the Joliet community with the highest standard of care in diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation.