Preventing Overuse Injuries of the Arm

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Overuse injuries often occur in athletes but can also be incurred during work or even leisure activities. These injuries form as a result of repeated use of the arm, with symptoms ranging from mild discomfort to impaired motion. Talk to your orthopaedic doctor about avoiding overuse injuries, especially if you perform repetitive tasks or participate in sports.

Build Up Strength

Strengthening the muscles of your arms gives your tendons and joints added stability. A strong core can help to stabilize motion in the arms as well, so aim to attain total-body fitness rather than focusing only on specific areas of your body. Your doctor or physical therapist can help you develop an effective exercise plan to minimize the risk of injury.

Warm Up

Warming up before participating in any activity minimizes your risk of injury. Ask your doctor about stretches you can perform to prepare your body and protect your arms. Give yourself enough time before performing any activity to comfortably and completely warm up to prevent injury.

Use Protective Gear

Your doctor can recommend the right kind of protective gear for safety during any activity. Keep your protective gear in good condition and replace it as necessary to ensure it performs as intended. Check to ensure that all equipment fits properly and that you know how to wear it correctly.

Get Enough Rest

Rest is not only important to preventing overuse injuries in your arm, but also to protecting your entire body. Getting enough rest allows your body time to recuperate from physical activity. You will feel more alert and aware during the day, increasing your ability to concentrate and perform activities with safe and proper form to avoid injury.

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