Understanding Hip Surgery Complications

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Thanks to advances in medical technology, the risk of complications from a hip replacement surgery is lower than ever before. However, orthopaedic surgeons still recommend that you fully understand the potential risks before having the procedure. Sometimes, the prosthetic device can loosen or move out of place, particularly if you engage in high-impact activities or pull your knees up toward your chest. If the device loosens or fails, you’ll need a revision surgery to replace it.

Another potential complication of this orthopaedic surgery is metallosis, which refers to metal ions in the bloodstream. This can occur if you choose a metal-on-metal hip implant. As you move, the components rub against each other and may release metal ions. This can cause an inflammatory reaction in the surrounding tissues. Along with these risks, the potential side effects of any type of surgery may include blood clots and infection.

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