An Overview of Ganglion Cysts

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Ganglions, or ganglion cysts, are fluid-filled sacs that look like bumps under your skin. Although they most commonly appear on the hands and wrists, they can also develop on the knees, shoulders, feet, and ankles. Although the appearance of an abnormal bump can be alarming, orthopaedic doctors reassure patients that these lumps are not cancerous. Usually, they don’t even cause symptoms. When symptoms do arise, they can include tenderness and discomfort. If the ganglion cyst is compressing a nearby nerve in the hand or wrist, you may experience tingling or loss of grip strength.

Your orthopaedic doctor may diagnose a ganglion cyst with a physical examination. Some people may require an X-ray to rule out another medical condition such as arthritis. Most ganglion cysts do not require treatment and will resolve on their own. Otherwise, your orthopaedic doctor can aspirate the fluid from the cyst, inject hydrocortisone, provide a splint, or perform a surgery to remove it.

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