What to Expect from an Arthroscopy Procedure

Knee antomy

Has your orthopaedic doctor advised you to undergo an arthroscopy procedure? If you have yet to experience this type of care, you might be wondering about what it entails. Arthroscopy procedures involve the use of a small camera and light, and allow orthopaedic doctors to provide these important benefits:

Improved Joint Function

Orthopaedic surgeons use arthroscopy for a variety of reasons. Under some circumstances, they may use this procedure to learn more about a patient’s condition. However, arthroscopy is effective for the treatment of many joint problems as well. With the assistance of a high-definition camera, orthopaedic doctors can attend to damaged cartilage, bone, or intervertebral discs so that the patient can once again enjoy use of his knee, hip, or other joint.

Convenient Treatment

Many types of surgeries require patients to remain overnight in a hospital due to their invasive nature. Arthroscopic surgery, which requires smaller incisions than other surgical procedures, often results in less invasive treatment . Patients can generally return home on the day of their procedure, making arthroscopic surgery a convenient treatment option.

A Faster Recovery Period

Traditional surgical procedures can demand weeks or even months of recovery time for patients. They also come with a risk of postoperative complications that may further delay the healing process. Because arthroscopic procedures use smaller incisions, they typically lead to fewer instances of infection, excessive blood loss, and other surgical side effects. Recipients of this type of surgery frequently enjoy rapid recovery times that allow them to return to their normal routines as soon as possible.

Do you have any questions about your arthroscopic procedure? The orthopaedic doctors at MK Orthopaedics would be happy to address your inquiries and provide additional details about your specific treatment . To schedule an appointment at our Joliet office, call (815) 741-6900.

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