• Chronic Back Pain

    Back pain is a condition that most American adults will experience in their lifetimes, and in many cases it will be resolved with simple measures like rest, anti-inflammatory medications, and proper exercise. In other cases, however, back pain will persist for a period of three months or longer and become characterized as chronic back pain . Living with chronic back pain can mean missing out on activities you love and dealing with persistent discomfort that can affect your mood and overall wellbeing. If you are suffering from chronic back pain, there are treatment options that can provide relief and improve your quality of life.

    Signs and Symptoms

    Depending on the specific cause of back pain, there may be a wide range of other symptoms associated with spinal discomfort. Back pain might be accompanied by pain or weakness in the extremities, limited flexibility and mobility of the spine, or difficulty sleeping at night.

    Causes of Chronic Back Pain

    Chronic conditions like arthritis or degenerative disc disease are often associated with chronic back pain, because the damage caused by these conditions is ongoing. Chronic back pain can also arise from injuries that have not healed properly, causing ongoing inflammation in the spinal column.

    Treatment Options

    Treating chronic back pain is a complex process that may include the use of medication, spinal injections, physical therapy, and minimally invasive spine surgery. Surgery is most appropriate for patients who have not had sufficient relief from other treatment options. With the option of minimally invasive surgery, you might expect a shorter timeline for your recovery with a reduced risk for surgical complications.

    At MK Orthopaedics in Joliet, you can find comprehensive care for chronic back pain from your diagnosis through your surgery and rehabilitation. To schedule a consultation with spine surgeon, Dr. Rebecca Kuo, call (815) 741-6900. MK Orthopaedics has offices in Joliet, Bolingbrook, Mokena and Channahon.

  • Shock and Awe! Extracorporeal Therapy

    Foot pain, such as plantar fasciitis and tendonitis cause such severe pain that everyday activities become challenging. With all of the treatment options and pain relieving solutions out there it is confusing and even scary to understand what is really possible. Most start with conservative, over the counter or patient lead solutions to relieve pain before surgery is considered. In some cases conservative treatments like extracorporeal therapy can completely relieve the problem.

    Extracorporeal therapy, also known as shock wave therapy, uses high-energy sound waves to deliver targeted pressure to damaged musculoskeletal tissues in the foot and ankle. This non-invasive therapy causes the body’s natural healing mechanisms to kick in, as more blood flow is routed to treated areas. This process improves inflammation through time to relieve pain and instability that might get in the way of normal activities. Multiple treatments may be necessary, depending on the type of damage to the soft tissues and the extent of the injuries or degenerative condition.

    At MK Orthopaedics, you can find relief from foot pain in Joliet under the care of our podiatric surgeons, Dr. Joe George and Dr. Aaron Kim. To schedule a consultation with our team for an evaluation of your foot and ankle pain, give us a call at (815) 741-6900.

  • Warning Signs: Sciatic Pain

    Sciatica, or sciatic pain, is a condition that affects the sciatic nerve, which is the largest nerve in the body, extending from the lower back down the legs. This condition is generally associated with lower body pain and weakness, and it is caused by irritation of the nerve roots in the lower spine. This irritation may originate from spinal stenosis, disc herniation, or spinal tumors among a number of other spine problems.

    Sciatica is more than just back pain. It might cause shooting pain in the buttocks and lower body, which will tend to be worse when sitting down. Tingling, weakness, numbness, and difficulty standing up are all other common symptoms of sciatica to watch out for. The treatment for sciatic pain will vary, depending on the cause, so it is important to see a spine care specialist when you are experiencing the symptoms discussed above.

    When you need care for sciatic pain in Joliet, you can count on Dr. Rebecca Kuo at MK Orthopaedics. Not only can you expect a wide range of treatment options, but you will have dedicated patient education to help you live free of back pain.