• Arch Problems and Treatment Options

    The arches of the feet are designed to absorb force from daily activities like walking and running, so injury or damage to the arches can significantly disrupt everyday life.

    Common conditions that cause arch pain include trauma, sprains, muscle strains, overuse and stress fractures, arthritis, neuromas and plantar fasciitis. Problems of this nature may be worsened by poor posture, excess body weight, or improperly fitting footwear.

    When it comes to treating arch pain, the most important step is to identify the underlying cause. Once the root cause is identified, treatment may include changes to your fitness routine, the use of special footwear or custom orthotics, and physical therapy to improve anatomical abnormalities that might contribute to arch pain.

    Under the care of Dr. Joe George at MK Orthopaedics, you can find effective relief for arch pain so that you can enjoy all the activities you love on your feet. To schedule a consultation with Dr. George, call (815) 741-6900. MK Orthopaedics has offices in Joliet, Bolingbrook, Mokena and Channahon.

  • Lumbar Disc Herniation

    The spinal discs are soft, spongy structures that are positioned between the vertebrae to provide flexibility and shock absorption for the spine. Lumbar disc herniation is a condition that develops when a disc in the lumber spine, or lower back, slips out of position or bulges outward, putting pressure on the spinal nerves. A herniated lumbar disc can be a significant source of pain and discomfort—including symptoms of sciatica like numbness and weakness in the lower body—and it may require surgical care to repair.

    Through the process of lumbar discectomy, herniated lumbar discs are removed so that pressure on nearby nerves is relieved. Surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis, and it has an exceptionally high success rate for relieving lower back pain and sciatica symptoms.

    To understand the causes of your lower back pain and explore all available treatment options, contact MK Orthopaedics at (815) 741-6900. Our Joliet practice offers a wide range of back pain treatment options, including minimally invasive surgery, physical therapy, and steroid injections. Dr. Rebecca Kuo is MK Orthopaedics’ spine care specialist. MK Orthopaedics has offices in Joliet, Bolingbrook, Mokena and Channahon.

  • Minimally Invasive Back Surgery

    Back pain is the most common cause of missed work in the United States. In some cases, back pain is work related, due to a single injury, repetitive work causes stress injuries or conditions and lastly, poor ergonomics, such as prolong sitting, improper or excessive lifting, bending or stretching and reaching. Many of these conditions are treatable through conservative measures such as physical therapy or steroid injections and correctable or avoidable once they’re successfully treated. Conditions that do not respond to conservative treatment may require surgery. Minimally invasive spine surgery allows patients to return to work and daily life with a shorter recovery time than conventional surgical procedures.

    Surgery is appropriate when there is a clearly identifiable source of pain, such as herniated disc or spinal stenosis. These conditions are readily diagnosed by expert interpretation of MRI or digital X-ray.

    Types of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

    There are two primary types of minimally invasive spine surgery : discectomy and spinal fusion. In both of these procedures, special equipment is used to perform surgery through a very small series of incisions rather than a large open incision. With discectomy, herniated discs are removed from the spine to reduce pressure on spinal nerves. Bone graft material is put in place to maintain stability in the area of the spine where the disc was removed. Spinal fusion is somewhat more complex, and it involves the removal of both bone and spinal discs to fuse two or more vertebrae together with the support of metal screws and rods.

    Benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures

    With any type of minimally invasive spine surgery, there is much less damage to the muscle tissue than would be seen with conventional surgery. That means that there is a higher chance of a successful recovery within a shorter timeframe. There is also a lower risk for surgical complications, including bleeding and infection.

    If you have been struggling with back pain, scheduling a consultation with Dr. Rebecca Kuo at MK Orthopaedics in Joliet can give you a complete look at your options for relief. To contact our office for your first appointment, call us at (815) 741-6900. MK Orthopaedics has offices in Joliet, Bolingbrook, Mokena and Channahon.