Why Partner with MK Orthopaedics?

Partnering with a dedicated team physician offers you and your athletes significant benefits. With an MK Orthopaedics doctor on your side, you can rest assured that your team can receive sports medicine treatment at the drop of a hat. Watch this video to learn about the benefits of teaming up with MK Orthopaedics.

Partnering with MK Orthopaedics guarantees your team pre- and post-season physicals, priority sports medicine appointments for injuries, a team physician at games, and immediate access to X-rays and MRIs.

At MK Orthopaedics, it’s our goal to help athletes of all ages and levels stay in the game and recover from sports injuries that can lead to back and hip pain. If your team is looking for an experienced sports medicine specialist in Joliet, Shorewood, or New Lenox, call us today at (815) 741-6900.

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