Signs You May Need an Ankle Replacement

A total ankle replacement is a type of procedure that an orthopaedic surgeon can perform to replace the damaged bones and cartilage in the ankle joint with prosthetics. An ankle replacement surgery can improve a patient’s quality of life by resolving persistent symptoms such as ankle pain . For most patients, ankle prosthetics have an average lifespan of about 10 years, depending on activity level and overall health.

Your symptoms are severe and interfere with your daily activities.

Various orthopaedic problems can result in ankle pain, but one of the most common reasons why patients undergo ankle replacement surgery is arthritis in this joint. It might be time to talk to an orthopaedic surgeon if you’re experiencing severe or persistent pain in your ankle from arthritis or another condition. Some patients may experience other troublesome symptoms. Depending on the specific condition, these may include swelling, stiffness, and limited range of motion. For some patients, these symptoms are so severe that walking is difficult or impossible. If your symptoms interfere with your normal physical function, it’s time to talk to a specialist about surgery.

You have already tried conservative treatment options.

Your orthopaedic doctor may ask that you try nonsurgical treatment options before considering surgery. Depending on your specific diagnosis, these conservative treatment options may include medications, anti-inflammatory injections, and physical therapy. If, after trying the recommended treatments, you still experience ankle pain, it may be time to consider ankle replacement surgery .

You understand the potential risks and the recovery process.

Every surgery is associated with inherent risks. It’s important for patients to discuss the surgery at length with their orthopaedic surgeons and to fully understand the potential risks. You should also be committed to following your orthopaedic surgeon’s post-operative instructions. An ankle replacement surgery requires intensive rehabilitation and a lengthy period of keeping weight off the affected ankle.

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