• The Dos and Don’ts of Cast Care

    Casts are hard, rigid devices that immobilize a body part such as an arm or leg. An orthopaedic doctor can apply a cast to protect an injured body part while it heals. If you’ve received a cast, it’s important to follow the directions given to you by your orthopaedic doctor to take proper care of your cast.

    Do reduce the swelling in the area.

    It’s common for a cast to feel exceptionally tight for the first few days, which is usually attributable to swelling. For the first few days, keep the injured body part elevated above the level of your heart as much as possible. Your orthopaedic doctor may recommend taking over-the-counter or prescription strength anti-inflammatory medicine. Cold therapy can also be helpful for reducing swelling. Place an ice pack in a sealed plastic bag and wrap the bag in a towel before placing it on the injury.

    Don’t get the cast wet.

    Be careful not to get the cast wet while applying an ice pack or bathing. An easy way to protect the cast is to use a water-tight cast protector. These products are often available in drugstores. Alternatively, you can wrap the cast in a double layer of plastic. For example, surround the cast with plastic wrap intended for use in the kitchen. Seal the ends of the plastic wrap with duct tape. Then, wrap the cast in another layer of thicker plastic, such as a plastic grocery bag. Seal the ends with duct tape. Even with these precautions, it’s advisable to keep the cast out of the water. Consider taking a bath instead of a shower and propping the injured body part on the edge of the tub.

    Do be aware of the signs of potential complications.

    Call your orthopaedic doctor promptly if you experience worsening or severe pain, or if you notice signs of a skin infection or pressure sore. These can include a foul odor and unusual drainage.

    Casting and immobilization must be performed by specially trained and certified providers to avoid the possibility of health complications. At MK Orthopaedics, our certified casting staff specialists work out of a dedicated cast treatment room to give each patient the personalized care he or she needs. If you’ve suffered a broken bone or another type of sports injury, call (815) 741-6900 today to schedule an appointment with an orthopaedic doctor in Joliet.

  • Dealing with Chronic Hand Pain

    Chronic hand pain refers to continual or intermittent pain that persists longer than 12 weeks. It may be accompanied by other symptoms, such as stiffness, swelling, or limited range of motion. Patients can consult an orthopaedic doctor to determine the underlying cause of these troublesome symptoms, which might be arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tenosynovitis, or many other orthopaedic conditions.

    The treatment for chronic hand pain depends on its underlying cause. The orthopaedic doctor may recommend nonsurgical treatments such as medications, corticosteroid injections, and physical therapy. When conservative treatments aren’t sufficient to relieve the pain, some patients may be good candidates for orthopaedic surgery, such as a carpal tunnel release procedure or joint implant surgery.

    At MK Orthopaedics, our orthopaedic surgeons in Bolingbrook specialize in hand and wrist procedures such as carpal tunnel release, joint implant, and arthritis reconstruction surgery. If you’ve been referred to an orthopaedic doctor, you can call our office at (815) 741-6900.

  • Dr. George: Connecting with Patients

    At MK Orthopaedics, every orthopaedic doctor is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of patient care and safety. Upon becoming a patient here, you may meet Dr. George, a podiatric surgeon. Watch this video to hear from one of Dr. George’s patients, Darrin.

    Darrin speaks candidly about his health problems, including his diagnosis with Charcot arthropathy. Darrin required two orthopaedic surgeries over the course of two years. Thanks to Dr. George’s high level of skill, Darrin was able to avoid potential complications of Charcot arthropathy, which might have included amputation. In addition to the remarkable skill of our orthopaedic doctors, Darrin speaks about the sincerity of our staff members, who genuinely care about our patients.

    Every patient at MK Orthopaedics is treated with the utmost in courtesy and respect. To request an appointment with an orthopaedic doctor in Joliet , you can call (815) 741-6900.