Dealing with Chronic Hand Pain

Chronic hand pain refers to continual or intermittent pain that persists longer than 12 weeks. It may be accompanied by other symptoms, such as stiffness, swelling, or limited range of motion. Patients can consult an orthopaedic doctor to determine the underlying cause of these troublesome symptoms, which might be arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tenosynovitis, or many other orthopaedic conditions.

The treatment for chronic hand pain depends on its underlying cause. The orthopaedic doctor may recommend nonsurgical treatments such as medications, corticosteroid injections, and physical therapy. When conservative treatments aren’t sufficient to relieve the pain, some patients may be good candidates for orthopaedic surgery, such as a carpal tunnel release procedure or joint implant surgery.

At MK Orthopaedics, our orthopaedic surgeons in Bolingbrook specialize in hand and wrist procedures such as carpal tunnel release, joint implant, and arthritis reconstruction surgery. If you’ve been referred to an orthopaedic doctor, you can call our office at (815) 741-6900.

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