Causes and Symptoms of Bankart Lesions

A Bankart lesion is a tear of the inferior glenohumeral ligament, which is part of the labrum of the shoulder. The labrum is a tough band of cartilage that is attached to the glenoid bone. Its purpose is to stabilize the position of the ball of the humerus, which is the long arm bone that extends from the elbow to the shoulder. An orthopaedic surgeon may diagnose you with a Bankart lesion if you experience symptoms such as initial moderate to severe pain, followed by sensations of shoulder instability.

Most often, a Bankart lesion is the result of a shoulder dislocation. This occurs when the bones are partially or completely displaced due to sudden trauma. Patients may develop a Bankart lesion upon sustaining trauma from a sports collision, fall from an elevated position, or motor vehicle accident. An orthopaedic surgeon may need to surgically reattach the labrum to the glenoid.

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