• Can Ankle Arthroscopy Help Me?

    Ankle arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure that an orthopaedic surgeon can perform to diagnose and treat problems of the ankle joint. An orthopaedic surgeon may recommend ankle arthroscopy for you if you’ve experienced acute or chronic ankle pain, persistent swelling, foot numbness, or limited range of motion of the ankle joint. Ankle arthroscopy can help the physician determine the underlying cause of these symptoms. Some possible causes of ankle problems include inflammation of the synovial tissue that lines the ankle joint, the presence of loose fragments of cartilage, bone, or scar tissue, and ankle instability.

    During ankle arthroscopy, the surgeon creates incisions in the ankle area, through which he or she inserts the arthroscopic camera and other specialized surgical instruments. The images from the camera, which are transmitted to a screen, allow the physician to diagnose the orthopaedic condition. The surgeon may also treat the condition during the same procedure. Some of the potential risks of ankle arthroscopy include infection, bleeding, blood clots, and complications of anesthesia.

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