• Get the Facts About the Importance of Second Opinions

    Just as the term suggests, a second opinion is another medical review in addition to the evaluation of the doctor who initially examined you. Patients have the right to seek as many additional medical opinions as they choose. There are many reasons why you might make a second appointment for an evaluation. After seeing a primary care doctor, for example, you might decide that your sports injury warrants attention from a specialist such as an orthopaedic doctor.

    Confirming the Diagnosis

    An orthopaedic doctor has extensive experience diagnosing musculoskeletal conditions and diseases. Getting a second opinion regarding the diagnosis may be particularly important when it involves a complex sports injury or other condition. Even if the orthopaedic doctor confirms the diagnosis of the initial medical provider, seeing a specialist is advantageous .

    Understanding Your Condition and Options

    Orthopaedic doctors tend to place an emphasis on patient education. By getting a second opinion from a specialist, you can receive in-depth answers to your questions about your condition. A specialist can help you understand what may have caused your problem and how you can prevent further problems in the future. You can also receive personalized treatment recommendations. An orthopaedic specialist may be able to treat complex conditions that primary care providers cannot. Seeing an orthopaedic doctor does not automatically mean that you will require surgery, however. Specialists in orthopaedics provide both conservative and surgical treatment options.

    Increasing Your Comfort with Your Care

    Patients with complex or severe musculoskeletal problems often find themselves more comfortable with care provided by an orthopaedic specialist. When you see a specialist, you can feel confident that your health is in good hands. The extensive experience of an orthopaedic doctor is an invaluable asset during the treatment planning process and the treatment itself.

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  • Four Reasons to Get a Second Medical Opinion

    As the term suggests, a second medical opinion refers to additional medical advice following the initial diagnosis. For example, after receiving a diagnosis from the first doctor you visit, you may wish to get a second medical opinion from an orthopaedic surgeon. Getting a second medical opinion is particularly important if your condition is serious and may require invasive treatment, such as orthopaedic surgery. Another reason to consult a second doctor is to confirm the initial diagnosis or find out if there are additional diagnostic tests, or a different interpretations of the previous tests. The second doctor may help you explore alternative treatments. Your insurance may require a second or even third medical opinion so make sure you read and understand your insurance coverage before accepting your initial diagnosis and treatment plan. Lastly, getting a second medical opinion helps you become more familiar with your condition and treatment options, which can allow you to make informed decisions and feel more confident and in control of your health.

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