• Smart Advances For Casts

    Immobilization techniques have come a long way since plaster casts were the primary option for bone fracture stabilization. There are now removable, adjustable, reformable, and waterproof bracing solutions to treat patients diagnosed with fractures and other injuries that require immobilization for proper healing. An orthopaedic doctor can mold these braces directly to the body to provide the patient with ideal fit and comfort.

    Reasons for Immobilization

    A sports injury such as a fracture can cause severe symptoms such as debilitating pain, swelling, loss of range of motion, and loss of the ability to place weight on the affected body part. An orthopaedic doctor can apply a cast to hold the ends of the broken bone in their proper alignment while they naturally heal back together. In addition to treating fractures, other possible reasons for using a cast include providing support and protection for dislocated joints, soft tissue injuries, and surgical sites.

    Advances in Immobilization

    Thanks to technological advances, orthopaedic doctors can now use removable bracing systems instead of plaster casts. These removable bracing systems offer numerous advantages for patients with fractures and similar conditions. Since the application process is much more streamlined than the application of plaster casts, patients can have a better fit. Unlike rigid plaster casts, removable bracing systems offer maximum adjustability, which allows for the accommodation of swelling and muscle atrophy. Additionally, given that these bracing systems are both waterproof and removable, patients can maintain higher standards of hygiene and they may incorporate water activities into their physical therapy routine.

    MK Orthopaedics uses these types of removable bracing systems to help patients recuperate in comfort, with less stress and more ease. Such advanced technology can be used alongside or as an alternative to traditional casting and splinting. Removable casts are just one of the medical advancements utilized by the bone and joint care professionals at MK Orthopaedics. Contact us at (815) 741-6900 to schedule your appointment with an orthopaedic doctor serving Bolingbrook.