• Help! Wrist Pain Is Making My Life Miserable!

    Wrist arthroscopy is a procedure performed by an orthopaedic surgeon to diagnose the causes of wrist problems and to treat them. It is a minimally invasive surgery, which means the orthopaedic surgeon uses several small incisions instead of one large incision. There are many reasons why wrist arthroscopy may be the best solution.

    Is Surgery Right for Me?

    Wrist arthroscopy might be recommended for patients diagnosed with ganglion cysts, ligament tears, carpal tunnel syndrome, or wrist fractures. Although each of these orthopaedic conditions has their own set of symptoms, they are generally characterized by pain or discomfort in the area. They may develop after acute trauma, as in the case of a wrist fracture, or they may develop gradually over time, as with carpal tunnel syndrome. Additionally, wrist arthroscopy may be performed to explore an unknown cause of chronic wrist pain. In some cases, delaying diagnosis and treatment through wrist arthroscopy may result in worsening symptoms or new symptoms, such as increased pain or limited wrist movement.

    Preparation for Wrist Arthroscopy

    Patients will meet with an orthopaedic surgeon to discuss their symptoms, medications, and other medical conditions. They may be asked to stop taking certain medications and to make lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking prior to the procedure. Patients may be asked to stop eating and drinking for a period of time before their surgery.

    Wrist Arthroscopy Procedure

    Wrist arthroscopy may be performed with either general or regional anesthesia. The orthopaedic surgeon creates two or more small incisions on the back of the wrist. Then, he or she inserts the arthroscope, which is a tiny camera, and other specialized instruments through the incisions. The surgeon can view the joint and surrounding structures through the arthroscope, which allows him or her to make or verify a diagnosis. The next steps in wrist arthroscopy will vary, depending on the causes of the symptoms. The surgeon may repair a torn ligament, remove the stalk on which ganglion cysts grow, or cut a ligament to enlarge the carpal tunnel.

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