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MK Orthopaedics

Very nice...seems to know what he's doing.

Guest04118 Guest04118 June 23, 2009

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MK Orthopaedics Review

Excellent Dr. - love his bedside manner - I trust him and feel very comfortable with him. His surgery skills are excellent and his knowledge makes me feel confident in his ability.

Anonymous Anonymous April 27, 2011

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MK Orthopaedics Review


I cannot say enough about Dr. Komanduri and his staff. I have had my new knee replacement for a year and I am getting along just fine. He is an excellent doctor. He and his staff will take the time to answer all of your questions.I felt very comfortable with him as my doctor. Excellent bedside manner - which is very important! I have referred him to many people.Thank you Dr. Kommanduri for making me able to get around again without pain.

Unknown Unknown May 15, 2011

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MK Orthopaedics Review on Vitals


I see both Dr Komanduri and Dr George at this office, and love them both! They really care and spend time with you and inform you about your injury in a way you understand! Highly recommend MK Orthopaedics!

Unknown Unknown May 31, 2011

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Dr. Komunduri Review


I went to two different doctors that siad I had tendonitis. After a year of doing physical therapy I finally decided to go to Dr. Komanduri on the recommendation of a friend. I told him my problem and he knew right away my patella tendon was torn. The MRI and confirmed I had a severe tear of my tendon. I was able to get in for surgery right away. 3 months later I no longer need therapy and I cannot believe how great my knee feels. I was so used to walking around in pain; I can hardly believe how strong my knee feels. The facilities and staff at the facility are excellent. I cannot thank Dr. Komanduri enough for giving the gift of being pain free once again.

Unknown Unknown July 14, 2011

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MK Orthopaedics

I had knee surgery by Dr. Kumanduri and found him to be a very good surgeon with visits and the hospital stay. Very professional and to the point on his services. I would recomend him to any of my friends and family in need of his services.

Unknown Unknown July 27, 2011

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Dr. Komunduri


I have gone to two different ortho and may I just say that doctor Mukund Komanduri is the greatest doctor ever. I wouldn't trust anyone else. I would recommend him to my friends and family in a heart beat.

Unknown Unknown August 9, 2011

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Dr. Komunduri Review on Vitals

He did an outstanding job on my daughters knee (13 yrs. old)2 months after a acl reconstruction shes pretty much back to 100%!!!!!!!excellent doctor

Jeff Gajeski Jeff Gajeski August 14, 2011

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MK Orthopaedics


Started with Dr. Komunduri after my niece told me about him. I had a left shoulder problem and was to have surgery to correct, but had to have surgery for cancer before I could do anything. Survived cancer and had my left shoulder corrected. I now have 100% range of motion and I'm doing great. I would recommend him to anyone. He is going to do a total knee replacement on my husband in November.

Unknown Unknown August 31, 2011

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MK Orthopaedics


I am only 48 years old however I have many joint problems. I have been to other Dr's in the past for my problems, at first I was misdiagnosed, However when I started going to an ortho dr it was not Dr Komanduri, at this time he only worked on lower extremities, and my problem was my right shoulder. I than started having lower extremity problems and I was introduced to Dr Komanduri. In the 10 years I have been with this Dr he has been nothing but excellent!!!! He has put in 2 total hips and a total knee replacements. He has also fixed my right shoulder and left wrist, since I have been seeing him he did start working on the upper extremities. My right shoulder was fixed by another dr however it did not last long only a couple of months. I had a debreadment and core decompression. This other Dr said the only thing that could be done was to get a total shoulder replacement and I was not willing to get that done yet. When Dr Komanduri fixed my shoulder, doing the same thing the other dr was supposed to do, the fix worked for about 5 years. Dr Komanduri has fixed the shoulder 2 more times and each time it works for over a year, and payer to getting it fixed I am unable to use the arm at all, he fixes it and I am able to use it again. He is a doctor who listens to what the patient wants and tries to work with the patient. Ya there are times you may wait a little while, however I believe it is worth the wait. I have been to other doctors for my problems with my joints and have found that this doctor is the only one I will trust with my joints. I know I will still have a long history with Dr Komanduri, he will probably be replacing lots more of my Joints but HE is the only doctor I will trust to do that. In case you are all wondering what my problem is it's called avascular Necrosis (AVN) as people with this problem call it. Normally you will get it in your hips or just one joint, I was lucky and it has been hitting all of my major joints. However I want to say a big THANK YOU to Dr Komanduri and his staff for all the help they have given me. I know if I have a problem, like falling or dropping something on my foot, all I need to do is call the office and they will see me as soon as they can and I can avoid going to the ER just to have them tell me to see an Ortho Dr. I would recommend this Dr and the whole office to anyone who is in need of an ortho doc. Also for those who say he gets upset if you choose a different place for PT, I have gone to different places for PT and nothing was said to me about it, I do prefer to go to his PT people tho, they have done the best for me.

Unknown Unknown September 6, 2011

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Dr. Komanduri

Dr. Komanduri is a very good and understanding Doctor. He listens and will take the nessare steps to fix the the problem. I like him very much.

Unknown Unknown October 25, 2011

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5 Stars on Google!

Review of MK Orthopaedics, Joliet

Arthur coble Arthur coble January 2, 2012

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You Run a Great Facility”-Great Review for MK Orthopaedics!

MK Orthopaedics Surgery & Rehabilitation emphasizes in rehabilitation for sports injuries, trauma, fractures, foot, hand, hip & spine. For more information visit our website, or contact us at (815) 741-6900.

Joan Bloch Joan Bloch March 29, 2012

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Friendly and ALWAYS Willing to Help.”-Great Review for MK …

I can't say enough good things about the people at MK Orthopaedics. Dr. George is taking wonderful care of my sons ankle injury, and Dr. Komanduri is taking great care of me. The staff is friendly and ALWAYS willing to help. Thanks MK Orthopaedics for everything!

Tisha H. Tisha H. April 6, 2012

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Friendly and ALWAYS Willing to Help”-5 Stars for MK …

I can't say enough good things about the people at MK Orthopaedics. Dr. George is taking wonderful care of my sons ankle injury, and Dr. Komanduri is taking great care of me. The staff is friendly and ALWAYS willing to help. Thanks MK Orthopaedics for everything!

Tisha Tisha May 7, 2012

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I Would Never Go Anywhere Else!!”-Great Recommendation for …

I really could not say in words how much I appreciate everyone at M.K Ortho. I would never go anywhere else!! <3

Manda GiGi Bobb Manda GiGi Bobb May 8, 2012

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The Most Thoughtful, Kindest and Most Compassionate …

Dear Mukund Komanduri,

My sister says thank you thank you so much you have given her hope. She said you are the most thoughtful, kindest, most compassionate doctor she knows. She is so grateful and thankful and amazed at how wonderful you were to look at her records and so quickly.

She says you are truly a special person. I knew all of this already when you cared for my dad. We both thank you.

-Karen Kawq

Karen Kawq Karen Kawq December 9, 2012

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Happily Impressed with the Level of Care I Recieved” – Great …

Just wanted to let you know I made an appointment to see you again about my foot and was quite upset when I arrived and was told I would not be seeing you! I saw Dr. George and Mo and have to say I was happily impressed with the level of care I received from both of them and the MA who took my information and got me settled in a room. I found everyone very friendly, knowledgeable and patient with me. Just though you should know your staff ROCKS.

Diane Archey Diane Archey February 4, 2013

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Dr. Komanduri is a Genius and You Need to Look No …

Hello, You're reading this because you've been told your knee(s) need to be replaced and it's a big deal and you want to make sure you've done your homework. I could end this review with my next sentence. Dr. Komanduri is a genius and you need to look no further. If you're anything like myself that won't do. Everybody says that about the Doc. This is my experience. I was lucky enough to have a very good friend tell me about the good Doc one Sunday after church when I was telling her about my unhappyness (real word?) with my search for a doctor to replace my knees. Have already gone through 3 different Doc's and I was not happy with them as we talked about my knees. I was getting frustrated with the whole situation until I talked with our friends in the Church lobby. She told me what a great Doc Dr. Komanduri was,how down to earth he was in explaining what the whole problem is and how best to fix it.He doesn't like to jump right in and do a replacement. It's kind of a last resort for him. Having said that when I came in to see him the first thing they do is take about 6 x-rays. He'll look at them before he comes in to see you.In my case he sat down on a stool and asked me what my pain level was on a scale of 1 to 10. I said it was a 15 and he just smiled and said "You need your knees replaced" Yep I told him I already knew that and that's why I was here. He proceeded to say that he will only do one at a time. He had to many problems with doing both at the same time. I was a little disappointed because I wanted to get it over as fast as possible. When he explained all the possible problems up to and including DEATH I changed my mind and was happy to do them one at a time. The staff there is AWESOME and even that's an understatement. All of them really do care about how you are doing especially after the surgery. It's a great place top to bottom. I also did my rehab there, although nobody pushed me to do it there. I just figured it was best to be in the same place as my doctor. Doc K told me I could do the rehab anywhere and I would be OK, but having my rehab there was better for him because he could keep up with my rehab just by looking me up in the computer. The Physical Terrorists as I like to call them are the best. I tease them all the time I was there because it almost seemed that they liked causing me as much pain as possible. An inside joke with them. All kidding aside each of them were great. I was allowed the pleasure of working with Teri (did I spell that correctly), Adam and last but not least Jim. You never know what is going to come out of Jim's mouth,it makes for a fun experience. All of them are extremely professional while at the same time like to make it as fun as possible.(how fun P.T. can be I don't know,but they do it.) I can for certain say to you that making Dr.Komanduri your Dr. for any knee situation you're getting the absolute best. I can't say enough good things about my complete experience with him and his STAFF. Rating them on a 1 to 10 scale I would have to give them a 15. Above and beyond the call of duty from the very first day until you're completely finished. Anything more and I would just be repeating myself. Go for it, you will definitely be happy with your decision. My left knee was replaced on June 4th and the right one was done on August 13th. I write this today February 10th and already it almost feels like I never had my knees replaced,and that's the truth. I don't do this very often but if you would like to talk to me you can e-mail me at and I will get back to you right away. Usually within 1 day. GOOD LUCK..BTW, no one and I mean absolutely nobody asked me to write a review. I did this because it's not always easy to find the right person to trust with your situation. Dr.Komanduri and his staff are absolutely the best. Thank You for letting me share with you my thoughts.

Frank Thierer Frank Thierer February 10, 2014

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So Happy I chose MK Orthopaedics !!

I went to see Dr. George about a "Flat Foot" problem. It's hard to explain how nervous I was thinking I had to have surgery to have the "Arch" in my foot replaced and the explanation from Dr. George on what he needed to do to accomplish this was overwhelming! It's been a year now since the surgery, I admit at first, and even after extensive Rehab, it took months for me to feel comfortable walking again. I would like to say that my choosing to have the surgery, was the best thing I could have ever done!! Dr. George was great, not to mention he's a terrific surgeon, I have never felt better. Thank you Dr. George and staff.

lori werner joliet , il April 18, 2015

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Overall, I just want to thank MK Orthopaedics, especially …


I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everyone at MK Orthopaedics. Starting with Dr. Pizinger and Steve, and them helping me get ready and through my surgery. They answered every questions I had and made me feel comfortable with everything. I knew how major my surgery was and wasn't worried because they were on my side. After surgery and through my rehab, I was a mess. My injury, I heard, is not very common which makes post-surgery rehab not fun. Walking into your physical therapy department, I felt comfortable and could see how much everyone cared. My boyfriend, who accompanied me to PT for 6 weeks, agreed this was the best place to go. Dr. Pizinger wanted me to go to Jim Holloway for my therapy, and he has been stuck with me every since. Jim has been my saving grace. He didn't give up with my rehav when I wanted to. He listened to me scream and cry more than he is used to by a grown woman; hey, it was hard!

Because he has as much, if not more, determination for me to get better, I dont think I would have pushed as hard as I did. He made me realize I can do this; it will be hard, but worth it in the end. He helped me decide to have the manipulation, which helped me get through my range of motion issues. I do know you get out what you put in to PT, but I really believe without Jim and the rest of your PT staff I would be finishing PT and graduating to a home program. They helped, pushed, took a step back, and made me realize I can do this. Jim told me that other patients look up to me because I work so hard and push myself to get better, but what he doesn't realize, if it wasn't for him and how comfortable it is in there. I would be able to do that. Overall, I just want to thank MK Orthopaedics, especially Dr. Pizinger, Steve, and Jim, to help my shoulder get back to normal. It's not there yet, but I know I can get there!

Keri L. Joliet , IL August 15, 2016

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MK Orthopaedics Review

What I absolutely love about Dr. Komanduri is that he will take as much time is needed to answer all your questions. Very caring! Love his staff as well.

Anonymous Anonymous August 7, 2018

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