Aug 15, 2016 | | Joliet, IL
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

Debbie,I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everyone at MK Orthopaedics. Starting with Dr. Pizinger and Steve, and them helping me get ready and through my surgery. They answered every questions I had and made me feel comfortable with everything. I knew how major my surgery was and wasn’t worried because they were on my side. After surgery and through my rehab, I was a mess. My injury, I heard, is not very common which makes post-surgery rehab not fun. Walking into your physical therapy department, I felt comfortable and could see how much everyone cared. My boyfriend, who accompanied me to PT for 6 weeks, agreed this was the best place to go. Dr. Pizinger wanted me to go to Jim Holloway for my therapy, and he has been stuck with me every since. Jim has been my saving grace. He didn’t give up with my rehav when I wanted to. He listened to me scream and cry more than he is used to by a grown woman; hey, it was hard!Because he has as much, if not more, determination for me to get better, I dont think I would have pushed as hard as I did. He made me realize I can do this; it will be hard, but worth it in the end. He helped me decide to have the manipulation, which helped me get through my range of motion issues. I do know you get out what you put in to PT, but I really believe without Jim and the rest of your PT staff I would be finishing PT and graduating to a home program. They helped, pushed, took a step back, and made me realize I can do this. Jim told me that other patients look up to me because I work so hard and push myself to get better, but what he doesn’t realize, if it wasn’t for him and how comfortable it is in there. I would be able to do that. Overall, I just want to thank MK Orthopaedics, especially Dr. Pizinger, Steve, and Jim, to help my shoulder get back to normal. It’s not there yet, but I know I can get there!

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